international digital art

Steve Danzig

works on paper
soundscape/video projection
lightbox installation

1. Anthropo-ecosophy image gallery

Essays on Anthropo:
1. Stephen Rainbird - senior curator QUT art Museum
2. Dr Stephen Jones - Australian academic
3. Laurence Gartel - digital media pioneer


The title is a mix of two words: Anthropomorphic and Ecosophy.

The term anthropomorphic is an attribution of human motivation, characteristics, or behavior to inanimate objects, animals, or natural phenomena. I am presenting ecosophy as a point of reference that we might engage, assimilate or embody over time. 'Anthropo-ecosophy' within the digital aesthetic questions this common thread of man vs nature via social, cultural, environmental and political consequence. It's metempirical position juxtaposed by laws of nature may direct man's destiny back to early origins of life.

Anthropo soundscape and animation - QuickTime animation 5.7mb (streaming)

You need QuickTime to see this movie download here